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Conversation is defined as a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.

We are consumed by media. Over 22 million Canadians have some sort of social media account.

Some like to talk. Just talk and connect and create casual conversation.

Some passionately debate. With respect, if needed. Stand strong if needed. Educate and challenge where they can.

Some simply listen. They don’t post, They just listen. And learn. They aren’t sure what to think . But in their community, for whatever reason, these important conversations aren’t in their life.

What is the common thread?

There is a need to connect. To find like minded and passionately learn.
This is where we come in.

We hold spaces for honest conversation.

We allow people to talk, debate, ask questions, challenge ideas and listen.

Come. Join. Write. Listen.

Bringing over 10 years of customer service, interview skills, editing skills, and aN all round good attitude.

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Start A Podcast

Want to start your own but have no idea where to begin?

Contact me to join a Saturday webinar.

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Speaking & Interviews

Would you like to have me as a guest for your Podcast?

I look forward to be interviewed by you.

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