Etiquette & Participation

Proper commenter etiquette is essential for any successful communication between fellow humans.  We all come from different backgrounds, places, and hold different perspectives, values, and opinions.  Just because someone thinks differently, does not mean they’re wrong. Below, I’ll lay down a few unwritten principles of proper blog commenting, based mostly on common sense, and overall social skills:

Be consistent.  Comment on anything you truly and sincerely find interesting

Your personality shows through your posts.  Be sincere and personal with your comments.

Succinctness.  If you would like your comment to be read by the rest of the readers, express your idea or opinion as clearly and briefly as possible.

Your opinion matters, however swearing, insults, and all around bullying does not.  Please be respectful .  If you’re going to criticize, do it in a mannerly and orderly fashion, constructively pointing out where you believe he/she is wrong.

Thoughtfulness and insight go a long way.  As the old saying goes: “Think before you act.” Or in this case…type.

Happy commenting and thinking!