Agree or Disagree: The Calgary Stampede should be supporting local craft beer

Beer_bucket2_0 In the last few years,the Calgary Beer Scene has been gaining in popularity.

Places like Village, Tool Shed, Big Rock, and Wild Rose are making some very good, and very popular beer.

It's the kind of stuff that would be great to have at a world recognized event. An event in Calgary. An event like say.....I don't know..... The Calgary Stampede.

Alas, it is not.

Instead, Stampede Visitors have the opportunities to drink fine beer like... Labbatt. MMMMM. (No, not really). Or Alexander Keith's..

There are many who are not happy about it. Including Julie Van Roosendaal (Dinner with Julie). Who posted this on her Facebook Page.

"I think the Stampede is missing a great opportunity to be a better, stronger brand - and far more supportive and representative of Calgary - by partnering with and celebrating local businesses like Big Rock and Village, rather than excluding them by selling exclusivity to big US brands. Think of the amazing Stampede beers our guys would come up with! It's not about replacing Budweiser, just allowing our handful of local breweries to have a presence too - there's plenty of room at this party. (Likewise, Highwood Distillers in High River, who just completely rebuilt post-flood and could likely benefit by participating in the Stampede, makes a great whiskey - and Cattle Boyz, a cattle ranching family out by Okotoks, produces some pretty fab barbecue sauce.)

For their part, The Stampede responded to this by posting this on their blog.

“Labatt, a Stampede Champion level sponsor, ensures that the majority of beer served on Stampede Park is brewed locally in Edmonton, Alta. Labatt has a variety of top selling, premium and newly featured brands, including (but not limited to) Alexander Keith’s, Hoegaarden, Rolling Rock, Lowenbrau and Stella Artois. Eighty-five per cent of the beer sold at Stampede is brewed in Alberta.

(Psst. They know Edmonton is NOT Calgary right?)

It seems like it hasn't exactly satisfied the customers of the Stampede.  One of the hashtags trending on Twitter is #RaiseYourHops.

As a matter of fact, here is a list of top local beers you should drink during the Stampede.

What do you think? Do you Agree or Disagree that The Calgary Stampede should support local craft beer