Agree or Disagree: Alberta should tax "soda pop and sugary drinks"

high_school_reunion_diet_soft_drinks_168poog-168pop01 The Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention would agree.  The APCCP is compiled of 17 provincial health groups, including The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

They are suggesting that the Provincial Government tax soda pops and sugary drinks.

The reason is ""Decreased sugary drink consumption has major benefits for Albertans, such as reduced risk of chronic disease, improved quality of life, increased productivity and academic performance for students, as well reduced health care costs."

You can read the article here.

I just want to make a small point. Smoking prices increased. They have even put bans on where you can smoke! But, people still smoke.

My instant reaction is this. How would a tax  prevent people from drinking soda pop and sugary drinks?