Agree or Disagree: Ban E-Cigarette's

Unknown Let's face it. You and I both know are I'm pretty cool. I'm hip! I'm trendy!

But, I must admit I'm not cool enough to smoke E-Cigarettes.

You might be! It's the latest little thing that many are smoking now.

However, as you can read in This Article from the Calgary Herald, there is a discussion about banning them.


Because some critiques have argued that it "normalizes smoking for youth". They also argue that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco but vapour. In other words, there are some health concerns.

However, some would argue that there are benefits. Some argue that E-Cigarettes actually help people Quit smoking. They would also argue that there are no health risks to this at all.

My questions are this.

Are you one of the cool kids who smoke E-Cigarettes? Compare them to cigarettes?

Should we ban E-Cigarettes? Why or why not?