Agree or Disagree:The Podcast-Interview with Kelly Hofer-Gay Hutterite Activist

Click here to listen to interview. On the above link, you can myself and Terry Lo aka @calgarydreamer meet with Kelly Hofer. Kelly is a world recognized talented artist in Calgary. He also was part of the Hutterite community. However, his "coming out of the closet" has caused some friction within many in the community. I'm being polite saying that.

Topics we discuss include;

-How he got into, as well as learned photography.

-Understanding what exactly the Hutterite community is. As well as how it is structured.

-The benefits and concerns on how it is run.

-Growing up gay as a Hutterite.

-How he publicly came out and the responses he received for it.

-The work he has done to support other LGBT Hutterite's.

-His current relationship with his family. As well as his attempt to his grandfather's funeral.

-How and when should one "come out"? As well as how parents should respond.

-Gay Pride vs Straight Pride.

I'd like to thank Kelly for sharing his story. It show a lot of courage.

If you have comments, feel free to share them.

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