Agree or Disagree: All religious books should be removed from hotel rooms

Agree or Disagree: Removing Religious Books from Hotels  

In the above article from Sun News Network, it discusses that hotels are removing the Bible from hotel rooms. The reason is it's because it might offend Non-Christians.

Now, I'm sure for many of you there is one question that comes to mind.

There are still Bibles in hotel rooms?

Apparently! I have been in a few hotels recently and haven't seen, nor looked for one.

However, if you want one, you can get one at the front desk.

Remember, the Bible is not the only religious book you can get at the hotel. Some hotels provide other religious books. As one simple example, the Book of Mormon is in a few hotel rooms. There is also the potential for religious articles in rooms as well

This leads to the question. Is it time to remove religious books, or for that matter from hotel rooms? Does it matter that they are there?

Should they be removed as well?rooms