Agree or Disagree: AMP Radio decision to change format to QuickHitz

AMP Radio made a very polarizing decision this week. They have decided to change their format from a Top 40 to a "QuickHitz". QuickHitz, to put it simply, does not play the complete song. So, you will hear a part of one song, then you will go on to hear part of the next song. The reason AMP Radio has made the decision is because they feel their listeners have a short attention span. They don't actually listen to full songs.

Now, the Internet has seen lots of comments. However, the most outspoken critic has been Jann Arden. She has posted numerous Tweets expressing her anger of this decision. She even went so far as to ask AMP Radio to not play her songs anymore.

Her reason? While her opponents say it's about her current relevance, her tweets clearly show that she has a concern with how disrespectful it is to the actual artists who create the music. The thousands of hours the musician spends on perfecting their craft. She feels that the QuickHitz format and AMP Radio is going to massacre the music industry.

There are two interesting things to consider in this discussion. The first is how people are actually listening to the radio. As well for that matter, watch TV. We do flip from channel to channel when we are not "in the mood" for something. If you look at your radio listening, you can determine if that is true or not.

The second part of this discussion is how we are listening to music. It seems that people are actually listening to the radio less. I, myself, simply download my music from ITunes. I can listen to what I want she I want. There are other options as well including satellite radio. Point being, there seems to be less interest in mainstream local radio.

So what do you think of AMP radio's decision? Will it massacre the music industry?

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