Agree or Disagree: It's easy to find support and discuss issues around addictions

When we talk about addictions, there is many things you could be addicted too. Of course, there is the obvious ones. Drinking, drugs,and gambling. However, there are some other ones that don't get as much attention. Things like food, smoking, and perhaps yes, sex.

Most researchers will agree that in general, the symptoms of addiction are the same. However, how it is dealt with by the specific person, and friends and family around them, is very different. People of course, have different expectations on how this should be handled.

But, is there enough space to actually discuss how one deals with addictions? Do you think there is enough community support or programs to deal with this effectively? How about in normal social settings? As an example, if a group is at a pub, is there an expectation that everyone would drink? What if someone stepped out of line and got too drunk? Do people have the courage to ask questions about that behaviour? Or, do we politely laugh and think it's funny?

How about someone who had a struggle with eating? Maybe eating too much,or eating too little. Is there a safe place to have that conversation?

I have also attached an interesting article. It is from a man who interviewed the Dalai Lama. He has some interesting perspectives on this topic and how to deal with addictions.Talking to the Dalai Lama about addiction