Agree or Disagree: The Calgary Stampede is good value for it's money

You may or may not be aware but this, but the Calgary Stampede begins this weekend.

The reality is that the Calgary Stampede is the identity of Calgary.  It's the biggest event of the year and the City invests in it. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

People around the world will travel around the world to come to the Stampede. And it will attract well over one million people. It's an economic boon for the City of Calgary.

However, I'm getting a sense there is some people tired of the Stampede. They are tired of the crowds and the behaviour of some. But, most of all, they are tired of the prices of.....everything. 

The moment you decide to go to Stampede, the reality is you can spend over $100-$200. Easily. That's a lot to ask for many.


Do you think the Calgary Stampede is good value for it's money?