Agree or Disagree: The Podcast-The Preview of the Calgary Flames Draft





Although the Tag Line for Agree or Disagree:The Podcast is religion, sex, and politics, we occasionally jump on to sports.

Besides, hockey is a religion in Canada anyway.

Cory Chapdelaine, myself, are joined by Dan Stephenson from Fireside Podcast. Dan hosts Fireside Podcast with Matt. They describe themselves as an alternative to the Fan 960. They have done some extensive research on the Flames draft.

If you get a chance, check out There is some cool stuff on how to look at the Flames.

Our Podcast topics include,

The state of the Flames and thoughts and expectations of new GM Brad Treleven.
Comparison with Oilers and Canucks
Preview of the Top 4 Picks of the NHL Draft.
Some sleepers and risers in the draft.
Who the Flames could pick in all their draft picks. And, how they got them.
A conversation Dan had with Brian Burke and a letter Brian wants him to write about Mike Cammarelli. Dan's prepared letter to respond.
A look at the Flames prospects like Monahan, Gaudreau and more.
Strategy going into Free Agency.  to the listen to the Podcast.

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