Agree or Disagree: You would sign this petition

Agree or Disagree: You would sign this petition

The above petition is addressed to Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary.

It states this.

"We ask for legislation to be passed making it illegal to post or display graphic or disturbing images or messages within view of motorists on city roadways."

The petition is started by Nicole Brass.They need 3,133 signatures and are a little over half way there! As of this writing,there was 1,867 signatures.

At the crutch of this issue appears to be the images displayed by the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethic Reform. Over Crowchild Trail SW, there is an image titled "Abortion Kills Children" and a picture of an aborted fetus. I'm sure you can respect the decision not to post it.

While I understand and respect the decision to bring this forward, I think there are some holes here. The biggest hole being who sets the standard on what is a graphic or disturbing image? What someone sees as graphic and disturbing might not be for someone else. I can, and to be fair, clearly the petition does too, think of other images that would be disturbing. It's just who sets the standard,

The other part of this is "within view of motorists on city roadways". There has been some concern that the CCBR signs are causing accidents. I haven't seen an official report on this. If you have, feel free to share it.

But the question is would you sign the petition. If you have signed it, why did you?