Agree or Disagree: Suspects involved in Mass Shootings should not be identified.





Yesterday on my Facebook and Twitter, I asked for some feedback. I asked about some of the topics people felt should be discussed after the incident last week in Moncton. This is the first of a few we will discuss. This one has come up in a few threads.

This picture above is Justin Bourque.

He is of course, the suspect behind the tragic shootings last week in Moncton that killed 3 RCMP officers and wounded 2 more.

Now, some of you, as a matter of fact, I might go so far as it say many of you do not think we should be using the suspects name. Some of you think that using his name will give him more power and attention that he doesn't need.

It also for some ignoring the actual victims of the incidents.

There are other of you that think we should identify the suspect. We should name them, and give a face to the person suspected of being responsible. That it's not giving any glory, but stating a fact.

It gives a face to the person who is suspected of attacking the victims.

It's certainly gives an interesting dynamic to the conversation. Whether or not we should be using the suspects name. And if that gives an impact to the story and where we turn our focus too.

What do you think? Should we use the suspects name? Or, not?