About this video we all need to see.....


Several of you over the weekend posted this video. Apparently, many of you have told us we need to see this video.

So, for the next 4:27, I would like all of you to take the time to watch the video.

Are you done?


Now, I would all of you read what I have to say in response.

First let me say some things about me.

I have 2,905 friends on Facebook. I also have 1,820 Followers on Twitter and 375 on Instagram.

Do I feel lonely? Yes, sometimes I will admit I do.

I would also admit that if you have seen me on my Iphone or Ipad checking my Facebook or Twitter. I would admit I have what some call a keen interest in what we call "Social Media".

Is my loneliness because I am always on my phone?

No, it's not.

For some context for our rhyming friend, I'd like to take you to a time far away. A time some of us may not remember.

The time before we all had Facebook and smart phones.

I remember that time. The time before Facebook and smart phones. The time where we didn't have a phone to distract us. The time where we truly connected with each other. We walked by each other and said hello. The time where we connected with each other and talked to each other on buses.

Wait? You don't remember that? Why?

Because it didn't really happen.

We walked by each other and ignored each other. We were not friendly with each other on the bus. We read books, listened to our walkman and did what we could to NOT talk to someone.

What gave people a sense of community and connection? Social Media

The time before Facebook and smart phone, there were many people that felt like they didn't fit in. There was a feeling that in a very real world, there was a real disconnect of who they were.

What gave people a people a sense of belonging? An online connection with like minded people.

There was also many of you that lived in a city or a town. You couldn't find the "special someone" in the community that you were involved. You might have switched groups, but it still didn't work.

What changed that for you? An online dating site.

Some of you have been through some very difficult time of loss and grief. You felt very lonely through that time and couldn't always personally connect. Or, you had a friend who you were close too that you couldn't physically be there for.

What helped you through it? A lengthy online conversation with someone you know.

I understand that many of you are impacted by our what rhyming friend is saying. But I'm afraid there is something he is not seeing.

He is not seeing the power of connection. That connection can be, but does not need to be in a physical setting. The connection needs to be meaningful.

I have been in physical places with many people and felt lonely. I have also been by myself and felt connected.

While I understand while many of you are impacted by what he said, I would respond by saying this.

It's not about what we are seeing.

It's about what we are looking for.