Agree or Disagree: The Podcast- We say goodbye to a Calgary Institution-Lido Cafe


After 70 years in Calgary, Lido Cafe is closing it's doors.
Not because of poor business, or service. It's because the restaurant will be replaced by a Condominium complex. Aptly named Lido!

Terry Lo @calgarydreamer and I talk about the impact Lido had on the community.
We interviewed Pam, the owner of Lido since October 31,1990. Unfortunately, that interview did not record. However we do talk about the topics we cover. Those include,

-Her love for the customers
--The political circumstances when they took over
-How impressive it is to last that long in a turbulent restaurant market
-Her secret for success
-The 4 most popular dishes at Lido
-How 4 generations of families enjoyed Lido

If you are listening to this on Saturday, there will be a party from 6-9 pm. There will be paintings, and an opportunity to say goodbye.

Listen to the Podcast here

Closing day will be Monday April 28.

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