Agree or Disagree: Adultery is becoming more socially acceptable.


This is an article from  Eleanorewells about the current perception on adultery. 

I'll let you read it and unpack her perspective. However, this quote I want to point out.

The declining incidence of marriage, the growing rate of cohabitation, and the steady divorce rate could lead one to conclude that marriage has become less sacred. People may be starting to acknowledge the reality that “til death do us part” is, perhaps, unrealistic in many cases and that sometimes married people fall in love with people who are not their spouses.  Studies show that infidelity is on the rise.  Adultery may have become less scandalous because we see so much of it. In pop culture, we know who’s cheating with who, and why, and even the aftermath of having been caught.

Do you think adultery is becoming more socially acceptable?