Agree or Disagree: It is better to get married younger than older.

One of the things I enjoy doing in the morning is checking the News Feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, I read an article and a comment that got me thinking today. 

First the comment, which was from a girl who got married at 19. Some of you, like me, might not think this is a good idea. This is what she said.

 I'm not sure why the attitude towards marriage has shifted. I married at 19, and I'm not even 30 yet. Perhaps I was born in the wrong time period, but it was great to navigate my 20s with a steady partner. We didn't have kids right away either. For the first 5 years or so it was just the two of us against the world. Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Seriously, why are people waiting? I don't get it.

Why are people waiting?  That is a good question. Which, of course, leads to the article.

It's this

As a Christian, I know how instilled the idea of waiting until marriage was, not encouraged, but quite frankly expected. I also know that the word pornography was frowned upon. Many Christians will argue that this is based on Scripture. However, that does not mean that it hasn't happened.

To avoid these temptations, many Christians would suggest to marry younger Not only that, many people, Christian or not, have believed that marriage was a "right of passage" into adulthood. However, the trend is to get married older. The average age for men is 31.1 and for women it's 29.1. This is the highest average age it has ever been in Canada. (It is also interesting to note that 40% of marriages end in divorce)

There is no question that attitude has changed of how we look at marriage. However, if you were giving advice to someone who is younger, would you recommend getting married younger or older?