Agree or Disagree: Humans should desire to be married and a parent. If not, there is something wrong

As a general rule, single men should aspire to marriage and fatherhood, & if they do not there is something seriously wrong with them. 

Mark Driscoll from the book Pastor Dad.

Generally women will marry and have children so are gifted by God with the natural abilities to nurture (feed and raise) as well as educate children.

Raylan Allman fron the blog

These are two comments that have been going around the internet today discussing the roles of the father and the mother in terms of parenthood. According to both Driscoll and Allman, this is what your life should look like.

1) Finish School

2) Get married

3) Have children

4) Wife stay home and look after children. Husband should go out and work.

If this is not happening, there is something wrong with you.

This is interesting considering two things. The first thing being that the age of parenting has increased over the years. According to a BBC report,  within the last ten years,two-thirds of babies have been by fathers over the age of 30. There is another report in MaidOnline that in 2010, more than half of the babies were born to mothers over the age of 30.

The other interesting thing is this. Quite frankly, there are some that do not want to be parents. For whatever reason, there are some that do not want to. Culture, living situation, travel, health, can be some of the factors into the decision to not being a parent.

All that being said, those that are parents and are married know the difference that has made in their lives.  And those that  are parents, single or not, know the impact being one is. Be it adopting, or marrying someone with children, or birthing their own. 

Should we as humans desire to be married and a parent? And if not, is there something wrong with them?

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