Agree or Disagree: Men are boycotting marriage

Agree or Disagree: Men are boycotting marriage

Just to clarify.

I'm straight. I'm single. I'm not boycotting marriage.

So you can understand why I was surprised to see this article that I have linked today.

According to author Dr. Helen Smith and her book Men on Strike: Why Men are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood and the American Dream-And Why it Matters, men are being oppressed by women who portray them as “buffoons, deadbeats and potential perverts” in a backlash against masculinityApparently, it is because of feminism.

Now, I live in Canada, so maybe things are a little different. I went to two wedding this year, including one this summer. So from what I see up here in Canada, there isn't a boycott. Maybe things are different in America. However, I know two American friends that got married this summer, so maybe not.

However, I could be missing something. Maybe, there is a boycott on marriage? What do you think?