Agree or Disagree: You are not considered an adult until you are married

Agree or Disagree: You are not considered an adult until you are married t This is an article from the Huffington Post written by Kristen Koch from

She brings this perspective. That before she got married, she was not treated as well as she was when she got married. This is a portion of the article which is linked above.

Then it happened: Andy and I decided to get engaged. And what was a personal decision between two people became a signal that they were right all along: Every woman does want to be a bride. Some people were self-righteous: "See, I told you that you wanted to get married," they would say, as if they had possessed insight into my deepest desires. Others simply felt relieved. I fit in. I was normal.

Of course, my stock quickly rose as soon as I exchanged my scarlet "S" for a sapphire engagement ring. Just like that, the same people who once made me feel pathetic for being ring-less suddenly admired me. It was like the door to an exclusive club had opened up to me. And membership had its privileges.

Suddenly, I had celebrity status among colleagues, friends -- even bosses. I was the most popular girl at any cocktail party, work event or meeting, and it wasn't just because they were vying for a wedding invite; I was celebrated just as much by acquaintances.

If you are an adult and not married, do you feel like you are treated differently than those that are married?

And if you are married, were you treated differently when you weren't?