Agree or Disagree:Guys are not as straightforward as girls when it comes to dating

This idea was branched out of a conversation I was a part of on Facebook last night.


The premise of the discussion is based around a quote “Girls should like guys that are straightforward. If they don’t they are silly”.


We ended up discussing if girls are straightforward when it comes to relationships.


Now, I realize that there are some generalities in this statement. However, to dig this forward, let’s help break this down to two questions.


1)      Who should be straightforward in dating?

2)      When is the right time to be straightforward? There is no exact answer, but I’m sure there are ideas.



This leads to an idea. I notice, and I’m not the only one, that there seems to be a real logjam when it comes to the dating scene in Calgary. Particularly with Christians. I think it is happening in other places too. It feels like a junior high dance. Guys on one side. Girls on the others. No one wanting to cross the line.


To be blunt, for Christians, I don’t think the church has helped. Any dating discussion has been led by someone who is married. Reminding us about Gods will. And you should go to church for God, not to find a mate. And quite frankly, other things that in an attempt to be assuring, comes across trite. Especially when it comes from someone who’s married.


What I would like to open up is the possibility of a Dating Discussion Group. It can be open to anyone. Single, married, divorced, separated, gay or straight. Perhaps we need to beyond the “rules” and address the issues that we are currently having. The attempt would open the doors to healthier perspective of dating.


Would there be some interest in this discussion?