Agree or Disagree: Social Media has impacted how easily we are offended.

Nick Lewis of the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders thinks he’s a funny guy. And perhaps he is. 


He made what he thought was a funny tweet this week which was "I just bought OJ's gloves on eBay. Now all I need is a white girl named Nicole. #MaybeALittleToFar.".


The Calgary Stampeders disagreed. They banned their team from Twitter this week.

Today Nick Lewis is apologetic.


This conversation has lead me to ask 2 questions.


1)     Why were we offended? I have been on Twitter. I have seen many many insults there. I’m not agreeing it was appropriate, but I wonder if it was because it was a celebrity.

2)      I’m wondering if Twitter and Facebook has caused us to be easily offended. Twitter is a forum that allows people to make quick and conscience comments. But it also a place where we can easily “react” and perhaps over react.


To be clear, this was not a funny joke no matter who said it.  But imagine for a minute you were at a bar with a bunch of your friends. One of them being Nick. Nick said this. Would you laugh? Or respond in anger.


Why is it different on Twitter or Social Media? Are we more easily offended?