Agree or Disagree: Some Evangelicals support of Romney is hypocritical

Do you remember in high school there were some cliques? There was the "cool kids" that seemed to get their way all the time. Some seem to have the right power to align with the right people at the right time.



They would be able to sweet talk to them and really compliment them when they were with them. But behind their back, it would be a different story.

There's a bit to read here. But I would like to point out this quote in one of in the articles about why every Christian should vote for Romney.


“Finally, I know Mitt and Ann Romney, and like many others, my wife and I have experienced their kindness and compassion first-hand. They are people of integrity, they share your values, and they will live those values in the Oval Office”


It really is touching and a good endorsement. However, I have a question.


Does anyone remember the Republican leadership race? You know the ones where Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, both Christians, were involved? They couldn't call Romney "brother". He was not one of them. And the facts were as far back as January, Groups like the Family Research Institute and Focus on the Family endorsed Santorum. This because he held to "Christian beliefs".


And let us not forget the things that some Christians have said about those in the LDS community. Things written in the Christian Post. This from Scott Brown:

“……However, from that time until now the entire Protestant church has stood firm unanimously agreeing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a bona fide cult and Christians should not endorse them. Not a single major Christian leader has publicly backed down from that position. That is, until now. All that has changed almost overnight. Now, the majority of Christian pastors across America are endorsing a devout Mormon for the highest office in the land."


To be fair to Brown, he is not actually going to vote in this election. But he does seem to be in the minority.


The Evangelical church leaders’ behaviour reminds me of the cool kids in high school. They are putting their arms around their "little buddy" Mitt Romney. At the same time, at their convenience, they will give him a headlock and a couple of cheap shots. Then throw him to the curb.


This along with the fear mongering videos about how voting for Obama will "unleash hell" is a good reminder not to fall to peer pressure.