Agree or Disagree: Keeping Public Negative Feedback posted on your's or others wall

The process of this question started on Monday.


I posted a question that causes some anger and discomfort to some people. There was some that gave a public response. Although I took it to heart, and deleted the post, and eventually reposted. The comments that were critical were kept.


Let’s fast forward to an event that happened in Edmonton this week. The event was called Lunch with the Guys. Although I was not personally there, the discussion was based around professional women in the work force. The discussion was a good discussion. Unfortuantely, there were comments that were deleted from the post. The feedback I heard was from it was many women’s feedback that was. It causes a negative backlash to the company.


There is two stream of thoughts on this. Some do delete them and refuse to deal with them. Others keep them and respond. Sometimes there is a fine line. If you ever get a chance, follow the Calgary Transit Twitter feed. They get lots of negative feedback and they don’t respond to all of it.


So, the question. How should negative feedback from companies be dealt with? Keep them or remove them