Agree or Disagree: You have trust in your local Police Force

This may seem like an obvious question. However, for a family in Calgary this week there is some questions.


Shelly Jones is the mother of murder victim Lacey-Jones Mcknight who was murdered last week. She stated that she called the police several times about her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend. She was never told of any resources available to her.


Jones is obviously is upset that the police failed to act to the repeating threats and stalking behaviour.


The police have charged ex-boyfriend Kristopher (Tray) Guenther with second degree murder.


I know that there are many different situations that the police are involved in. Domestic disputes are one. And yes, they should be respected for what they do.


However, when something like this comes to mind, it might beg us to ask the question.


What do you feel the role and responsibilty of the Police is? And are they fulfilling it?