The Thank You Experiment-Day 14

I've seen many weddings.

In observing the bride and the groom, there seems to be a solid combination of nerves, joy and confidence. Wondering what has happened or is about to happen in the future.

This one he seemed to know right away. He was sure he made one of the best decisions of his life.

We had a bond that is branched because we have the same name. And when we speak, we do our best to acknowledge our name, because it's a great name.

I can't remember exactly when we met, but it seemed our lives intersected many times without knowing it. The church world in Calgary is a small world. It also has a little bit of a small town feel, where everyone will eventually know everyone.

When we truly bonded was when we were involved with leading a small group in Axis. It was then, he was interesting to watch.

He was well respected in the community. It was because he was, and still is, kind, a good listener, concerned and passionate about the things that were important. He chooses his friends wisely and it carry's on through all of his life decisions.

He is a man that has traveled much and made friends everywhere he goes. It was quite evident when I had the honour at being at his wedding last year. 

It's good to see when  good decisions lead to good things. He and his wife had their first child this year. Even as I read the posts, I can feel the peace he is in right now.

So, Kev. It's Kev. This is a thank you Kev for being a friend all these years. Kev,thanks for laughing at my jokes and listening. You are a good friend, but more importantly a good man. Thanks Kev.

From Kev

This is Day 14 of the Thank You Experiment. You can read the rest of the posts as you scroll through the blog.

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Thank You.