The Thank You Experiment-Day 12.

"You should go on Facebook" I say to her

She looks at me with this look.It's not a look of "hmm I'll think about it." It's a look of "I'm not doing it". No chance. She then asks. "What happened to picking up the phone and calling people?"

Some might look at that as stubborn. Or a little old school. I look at it a little differently. I'll explain as we go through this.

We met on a retreat. She was quiet, because she was new. She eventually came to our group. She was up front and honest about who she was and her situation. She never wavered from who she was or ducked from it either.

She is someone who knows what she wants. The reason she is not looking on Facebook, is she would rather talk to you and spend time with you. She loves to spend time with the things she loves.

With that time, you will get a great conversation. She's funny, and has a lot of wisdom.

Over the last few years, we have seen each other through some very difficult times. I have always admire her resolve, and her perspective and her willingness to support me. I've appreciated that more then she knows.

Thanks Michelle G. Thank you for your courage, your strength, and for being very real. You are one of the best friends anyone can have.

This is Day 12 of the 31 day Thanksgiving challenge I have done for my birthday month. You can find the other posts as you scroll on the right hand side of the blog A couple of others have joined in as well.

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And Natural Urban Mom

Thank You.

Thank You.