The Thank You Experiment-Day 11

I'm thankful that people care.

Perhaps it's something we miss as we walk in our everyday life, busily focused on what we need to do. We might miss the fact that there are so many people that take the time to care. Thoughtfully considering the world around them and what part they play in it. They live with a quiet dignity.

You know what I notice? I notice that the upcoming generation has some great ideas. All the research talks about their selfishness, I'm seeing their passion to do things different. Too try to make things better. Perhaps we should listen to them.

There are so many of you that care about others. More then we truly notice.

Thank you for that.

This is Day 11 of the 31 Day Challenge of expressing one thing you are thankful for. Two other bloggers have joined in. Here are their posts.

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Thank You.