Agree or Disagree-You would know how to respond to someone who "came out" as a homosexual.

You bring your kids up in a certain way. You raised them to have traditional family values. You sent them to Sunday School and or church on Sunday to help instill those morals and values in your kids. You may have even read the Bible and had prayer time. Then one day, you hear these words from your child.


“I’m gay”



Or, you have been friends with someone for years. During these years, you have developed enough of a relationship, that you talked about certain good looking guys or girls you have had a crush on over the years. It may have come to the point where some certain innuendo has been assumed. Then one day, you here these words from your close friend.


“I’m gay”


Or, you have been in a Youth Group. You may have been friends with the Youth Pastor, or the Worship Leader or even another leader. There was some clear moral expectations assumed by all involved. Heck, we studied Romans 1 and we all agreed on the passage. Homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. Yet you still hear these words.


“I’m gay”


As today is National Coming Out Day in the United States, there has been and will be some discussion on people coming out. With that causes some tension. From both sides.


On one side is you hearing this news and how  you respond.  In the core of your heart, you want what is best for your child, or your friend. Your tension comes from your opinion. Perhaps it is from the Bible, or from what you know. How do you respond?


On the other side is the person giving the news. The announcement of what they may have fought, debated, questioned or wondered for a long time. They have come to some terms with who they are. But the next step is telling you. The question is the same for them. How do you respond?


There is something deeply heartbreaking knowing that these kind of things has caused rejection of family members. Parents rejecting kids. Kids rejecting parents. Friends rejecting friends of those who support them. The response causes harm and division to many with deep wounds for many to bare.


So the questions is this. If you know someone close who “Came Out”, how did you respond? What would you have changed and how did the relationship change?


And if you were one that did, how did it feel? How did the relationships change? What, if anything would you do differently?



As a polite caution, I would ask for some mutual respect. I know there are some deep rooted feelings on many sides about this. But, you also need to be aware, that many read these comments and never respond. The most important weapon in any question is recognizing you are not alone. No matter which side you are on. Please think this through as you respond tonight.


Thank you.