The Thank You Experiment- Day 10.

 I was trying to think of a way to describe this person. To be honest, most of the words I came up were too understated.


I could use words like feisty, warrior, persevering but they aren't enough to describe her. I mean they are true, but she is  so muchmore then that.


There are many other words I could also use. Mostly understated if you don't notice. She has subtle sense of humour that if you don't pay attention, you miss how funny she actually is.  She is fiercely protective of those who have been hurt. Big people, little people, she is more then willing to stand beside you in battle.

 But I liked this term "Creative Genius"


The person behind the design of this blog is a girl named Christina.  We have known each other for 3-4 years. When we met, I think we hit it off right away. Even though she lives in a different city, we still connect on a regular basis.


She also is a brilliant photographer. I think it has much to do with her observation skills. I'm not a photographer myself, but a I think a good artist see beyond what everyone else sees. She is like that in real life as well.


Here is a sample of her work. You should follow her on Twitter too @ninakynas.


Thank you Christina. You are a real gem. Don't ever forget that.

And the others...

The Dulock Dairies. 

Natural Urban Mom.

Thank you