Agree or Disagree: Our Culture Accepts the Idea of Stay at Home Dads

I never thought we would bring this up again.


Many might remember this video that I posted a couple of years ago from Mark Driscoll about Stay at Home Dads.


Part thought, or maybe hoped, that we have moved a little on from this.


Unfortunately, the issue has recently come back.


A blogger by the name of Owen Strachan, is a part of the same group Driscoll was called The Gospel Coalition. He recently wrote a piece which you can read here about the negativity on stay at home dads in culture. 


I listened to discussion on the Strachan, Rachel Held Evans and Andrew Warnock about manhood on a podcast called Unbeliveable, I figured it was time to ask a different question.


Do we as a society encourage or look highly upon Single Dads? Or is this something that some still do not feel uncomfortable with? As a man, I think many feel value in the value of being the so called “bread winner”. And perhaps society is still there as well.


Is this something that needs to change? Or is it becoming more in the norm

If you wish to listen to that podcast, here it is.