The Thank You Experiment-Day 9.

So a long time ago, I had quite wild hair was unkept and well… not exactly presentable. I also was loud and slightly… perhaps really obnoxious. One of two things seemed to happen. Either A) You found me quite awkward and looked away or B) you might actually have liked me and stuck with me for a while.


 One time I was at a party. There were a number of people there. Generally, I would consider this crowd a quiet crowd. Not rambunctious, certainly don't think there was much or if any drinking. Good people though. 


There was a quiet moment. I think it was a serious conversation being had. I, being loud and obnoxious at the time, told a joke. I seem to remember silence, but then a burst of laughter. Not the laughter to save the joke, but it seemed like a belly laughter. Sincere. 


As the night went on, I told more jokes and this guy continued to laugh. I looked up at him and it turned out at the time, he  and I had similar hair. The big difference being that it suited him. But ever since that moment, we stuck around. It really is hard to argue with someone who laughs at your jokes Those are people you should keep around.


I think what I had in obnoxiousness, he made up in approach. While you would either love me or hate me, people simply loved him. He was and still is, a good listener and sincerely cared about you. Time with you is important to him not the activity. Although he could pack some food.


The description gentle giant  is fairly accurate. He's not enormous, but he is tall. He is safe. You can tell him anything and it would be locked. He never has a bad word to say to anyone about anyone. That made him a great friend to not only me, but many others as well.


 One good sign that you know a gem of a human being is this. When you hang out from people that are from "back in the day", they still ask about him as if he was recently with you.


Over the years, there has been many things that we went too and through. I went to STILL the best concert I have ever been too with him. We slept in a car in a field that smelled like garlic. By the way, he is tall. The car was small. He traveled the world and stayed faithful to what he knew was valuable.


He is a teacher and I have never seen him teach. However, I'm pretty certain he is great at it. Probably because he takes the same time he does with his kids that he does with his friends and family.


Thank you Justin. It's been great that we have been friends all these years.


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