The Thank You Experiment-Day 8.

So generally every week, whether you go to a church,a party, or a networking event, the conversation generally the same. It goes pretty much the same.

"Hi, I'm Kevin"

"Hi, I'm,......."

"What do you do?"

Well, I ...(Try to sound ultra impressive)

Oh and I ...(Try to be impressed with the impressive statement of what someone does).

It's part of the natural social norm we have established as society. We mix, we mingle. It helps us to connect and feel connected. It becomes precious when we actually connect or there's a stronger effort. Like this example I have.

Someone walked up too me last week at church. And this is what she said. Something like this

"You know Kevin, we are on Facebook, we go to the same church. We should have an actual conversation."

Not that this is rare, I think it happens more then we know. But I appreciate and am thankful for sincerity when it happens.

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