The Thank You Experiment-Day 7

Dear God, thank you for this food, bless it and nourish it our body. In Jesus name, amen.

This afternoon on Facebook, I posted a question of people's meat preference.  The choices were turkey, chicken ,or ham. Some people added some other suggestions like tofu and spam.

It really is one of the best things of holidays isn't it? The Food. The effort that it takes to prepare it. The creativity people  use in the kitchen. The enjoyment of the food and the satisfaction of a good meal eaten and shared by friends and family. The laughter and the conversation had by all.

It's simple to be thankful for the simple act of food, but the reality is as we eat this weekend, there will be some that won't. Many adults and yes children in Calgary, Canada and around the world go food without every day, let alone Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I will have 3 Thanksgiving meals this weekend. I think a thank you should go to those that volunteer in community kitchens over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So as you go this week, and bring your lunch leftovers for work, and eventually get tired of them, remember those who would be grateful just to have it.

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