The Thank You Experiment-Day 6

It's easy to Thank God. Yes He has provided lots. Great Friends, Great Family, Great food on holiday weekends.


But I want to go deeper then that.


I know that many of you don't believe in God. That's ok. As much as at times I would like to outline a logical scientific argument for you, I think there is something more deeper then that. And as much as it would be nice to tell you that if you read the Bible, you will believe in God, the fact is that isn't always true.


As long as I have known, I have always believed in God. Perhaps I can attribute that too a religious upbringing.  But I have always felt the presence of God. Even in times of darkness and doubt, or when I could not comprehend or describe it, there was a presence I felt,


What is interesting is how my perception of God has changed over time. There was term that a friend of mine used today. She called it "ShittyGod". It is all those images of God we keep in our head, and maybe our heart for whatever reason.


I must admit looking back, there has been many of my images that I would classify under "ShittyGod" I have worked through. Things like feeling superior over those who were "Non-Christian" or a "Non-believer" because I was. Doing things that are "good" completely out of a fear of going to hell, instead of doing good things because they are right. Being fearful of things because of God would be angry.


Although those are pretty brutal and negative images of God, I think there is some "fluffy" stuff that can be damaging as well. Using or thinking phrases like "God will provide" or "God will get me a job" without making an actual effort to do anything created a "LottoGod" in my head. If I prayed, things would magically appear and I needed to do nothing.


My experience is God is a God of interaction.  Not a blue pill. Not one who waits to strike you with lightning for every error. Not one who is ignoring you because you rate not in His will. Not indifferent to the injustices of this world.


And yes I can thank Christians for pointing that out.But in a sense, I can thank atheists as well. Because of them , I have felt challenged in doing things because they are right to do. Not just to score brownie points with God, but because I truly believe it myself.


Psalm 103:8 says the Lord is gracious and compassionate. Slow to anger and rich in love. I'm thankful I have learned to experience that. And still get to think about it.

I know the last few days, I have posted these late. I'll try to post them a little earlier. Thank you for reading them.

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Thank you.