The Thank You Experiment- Day 5

There are rocks everywhere.


This is an actual title from a book I love. I think this fits.


Over the years, I have known a lot of people. Some have reached the 10, 15 and even the 20 year plateau. I also have never been married, so I have never known the idea of having that one “rock” many talk about. But I have known lots of rocks.


Throughout those times, things happen. Life happens and circumstances shift that is harder to stay in touch as much as you would like or hope. People’s hopes and dreams change. But what stays is the care and love that grows only with time, treasure and an occasional trial.


I love those times when you catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while. There is always two things that happen. The first thing is the surprise/excitement that crosses the face of both of us as we meet again. The second thing is how easy you go back to how things were. Often, there is no explanation required, no long discussion. Just familiar feelings and talks


I’m grateful over the years that has happened many times. I’m grateful I know many rocks.


I’m also thankful they seem to be everywhere.

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