The Thank You Experiment-Day 4.

Today was an interesting day. I went to do some research with some colleagues for a project that we are working on.

The house is in a beautiful location. It really was a beautiful day. The leaves were crunchy and the house had a rustic feel. We spent a c good chunk of time exploring the different things that they offer. It seemed everything in the house was planned and prepared. Signs were put up for specific reasons. They really wanted you to feel a connection. Not only a physical connection, but a spiritual connection as well.

Since this place had an Open House, they had people giving tours of the facilities and what they offer. There was lots of different things including Creative Journaling, Books to read and more. It really was impressive what they offered and the thought and care on what they offered. They were also mindful of who they were offering it too.

What struck me was our tour guide. She was such a sweet lady. Her smile never left her face. She happily showed us all of the things they offer. If she didn't have an answer to our question, she brought us to someone who did. Her smile brightened when she talked about her daughter. Her daughter was involved in some incredible adventures. You can see how touched she was.

We complete our research and depart our separate ways. I start walking down the hill to my home. I was thinking of how unique this group of people was. I was also thinking of how I haven't spent much time with our seniors in our community. Then I thought of the last significant one I had.

Her name was Molly. But I preferred to call her Grandma, or Baba. I saw her every summer when I was younger. We took the trip to Saskatchewan where she lived. It was a small town. I remember going to Bingos with her. And listening to conversations in  Ukrainian that I never understood. But I sat and tried to listen.

As time passed, the trips to Saskatchewan became less. But there was one more trip. She lived in a home at the time. 

We drive up to the house and unpack several things that we had for her. I'm carrying things up. Suddenly there was pause.

She was staring. Not rudely, but she was studying me. I'm not sure exactly what she saw.But a smile grew on her face. As it did with me.

We spent a few days there, and then we were leaving to head back home. I think somewhere in both of our minds, we both knew this would be last conversation we would have on earth. I remember her final words she said too me.

"I'm sure glad you turned out to be a nice boy."

As I think about it, I  remember that was the way she always ended our time together. Those words. 

I'm thankful she  believed that in spite of whatever condition my life was in. Or how I behaved. She sincerely believed that. Unconditionally.

Thank you Grandma. I'll see you later.

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