The Thank You Experiment: Day Number 1.

So today is the first day of The Thank You experiment.

I have decided to take the 31 days of October, which is my birthday month to focus on things I'm thankful for.

When I decided to do this, my first thought was that I was going to specifically thank all of the important things in my life. I still am. However, in the process, I have reflected on how much I have said the words "Thank You".

Here is my first discovery. I really don't say it enough. I may think I say it enough, but I don't. I may also assume that people know I am. But there is a saying about assuming. The amount of opportunities I have to say thank you to the actual times I say thank you is actually quite a small percentage.

So my first thank you is to all who commented on the lack of Thank You.  And to a good friend of mine for pointing this out.

Thank you.