Agree or Disagree: The message of Premarital Abstinence has caused some unfair expectations.

My friend Kristine Kruszelnicki, who blogs as the Dead Again Agnostic can create some great conversation on Facebook.  One of her latest status on Facebook was this.

"Premarital abstinence is unfair a demand in a time when both the secular and christian cultures argue for delayed marriage, and when girls choosing marriage and abstinence until marriage are more unlikely to get married than at any previous time in history. Today's marriage hopefuls are more likely to wind up like burlesque dancer Pam Shaw, a 70 year old virgin still hoping for marriage, long after having missed her sexual and fertile prime. That's an unfair return for an investment of sacrifice and virtue."

This comment has yielded, as of this writing, 103 comments. 

Now, the message of "waiting until marriage" has generally come from a Church pulpit. Many religions have taught and gave assurance that if you wait until you are married, you are honouring God. And because you have honoured God, then your marriage will be blessed by God. 

So in other words it sounds to some like, "If you do this, then God will..."

And while some have done it, and can attest to it being true, it's not everyone. Some couples in the church have wanted to wait, but couldn't and have caused some guilt issues. Some singles in the church have not waited. 

As much as the Church will continue to promote and defend Premarital Abstinence, there seems to be some things that are not. So, what are your thoughts on the message of Abstinence?