Agree or Disagree: You find it hard to make friends

On Friday, I saw an interesting interview on the Jeff Probst Show on Friday.

 Jeff interviewed this lady who had a great job in Manhattan. Her life it seemed, was perfect She decided that it was time for a change. She decided to move to Chicago and pursued her dream of being an artist.

 In the midst of this, she started an experiment. She decided to make one new friend a day. Not by adding them on Facebook, but actually going out and meeting people on the street. If she had a connection, then she would ask them if they would like to be her friend.

 It turned out to not only help her, but there was connections made by everyone else. So her "September 4", met her August 2 for example. Now, she didn’t connect with everyone, but through this, she made some true and real friends.

 I think this is a brilliant risk. It seems although Social Media has helped society, at times it seems we do have a distant community. It is hard to meet people. Not only single people, but for couples and married people.

 So, do you find it hard to make friends?  If you don't, what, or how do you make friends?