Agree or Disagree: The Toronto Blue Jays handling of Yunel Escobar.



This statement has cost Yunel Escobar 3 baseball games. In Spanish, some has considered this a homophobic remark. I say some because this has been disputed because the phrase "Tu ere maricon"is not necessarily meaning that you are f---t. This includes Spanish teammate Omar Vizquel. My quick look into this would indicate that this means that it is close to this. Some translations have it as "effeminate" 

Escobar has claimed there was no intent with this. GM Alex Anthopolis did. He suspended him and said it was offensive. The money that Escobar loses will go to  two groups You Can Play and Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Now here is what is interesting. The Blue Jays owners are Rogers. They actually did fire a news reporter for making what was considered a homophobic remark. Damian Goddard was fired for defending Sean Avery stance of same-sex marriage. 

Too be fair, from a pure sports decision, releasing Escobar would be an error. You could trade him and possibly get an asset. For example, there were NFL teams interested in Terrell Owens even knowing his issues. However, from a personal and political decision there are some factors. 

Where do you come out on this one? Was this handled right? Or should more have been done.