Agree or Disagree: Christians calling Islam a religion of hate

Agree or Disagree: Christians calling Islam a religion of hate

This picture was posted on Facebook by someone who was concerned about Islam. He was concerned about Islam attacking his family. I was concerned seeing this photo. For one , this looks altered and doctored. And one agreed. Here is a list of comments one person made.

I agree that this sign looks altered, but the truth is that Mohammed said that peace is only found in the shadow of the sword. True peace only comes through the Prince of Peace and even then there is enmity between us and those who are not walking in right relationship with Christ.The Spirit begets love, but the flesh hate.

And more...

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. These men need Jesus. Islam is the source of Jihad and Shariah Law, both of which are evil. The devil has many tools of destruction, religion is one of his greatest.

And finally....

"extremists" will be exterminated and "moderates" will be forced to "unite" and "submit" under the new world wide religion of peace.

I'm not trying to pick on one person here. The truth is many Christians believe this thing. As a matter of fact, I was taught in some churches about the "end times" and one world religions.

What is also interesting is what I also learned was a concept called Spiritual Warfare. There are verses in the Bible that says that we battle not against flesh and blood but principalities and rulers of darkness. It is also interesting that there is a world famous hymn called Onward Christian Soldiers which has words such as "marching onto war"

I have two problems with this photo. For one, trying to prove a point about one specific religion with a altered photo is not productive. If you can't legitmately defend your faith without going to a lower level, then don't do it.

The second comes more in the form of a question. For those who support or agree with this photo, how many of you actually talked to a Muslim and have heard this? I have met a few and I will assure you that while I'm not in agreement with some of their philosophies, I have never met anyone who suggested too me that they are out to do harm. Most are here because there countries are in major difficulty and are trying to come here to support their family. Many are here without their wives and or children.

I remember being at a Muslim prayer conference with a group of Christians. There was a couple of Muslim leaders that came for a request. This is what they said.

" I know your Jesus was a man of compassion"

No matter what faith you are, or not, people know who Jesus is. It is bothersome when people that claim to represent Him don't act like Him.