Agree or Disagree: The NHL Lockout

As of Midnight Eastern Standard Time of Saturday September 15, the NHL will be in their third lockout in 18 years. In 1994-1995, the season was shortened too 48 games. The 2004-2005 season was completely cancelled. And now it is unknown when we will start the 2012-2013 season. Or if? Both sides have their points. The owners says they are paying too much money to the players. The players are willing to make some concessions on their salary, but are not willing to bend all the way.

I'm sure people have an opinion on which side is right or wrong. But,I think we need to have some perspective here.

In Alberta, the average teacher salary is $61,000. These are people that teach children and will impact future generations.

Nurses who spend 12 hours a day, trying to provide comfort to patients average $40.20 an hour.

Firefighters and Police who we spend honouring for their bravery on the anniversary of 9/11 average about $33.00 an hour.

If anyone of these groups have decided to walk out of their job, we would be upset. Yet we are currently watching young millionaires and billionaires arguing over how much money they actually make and how one group wants to make more money. And it is over a kids game.

Sometimes, I wonder what our society priorities are? It's not that NHL hockey players are not hard working, or the owners aren't either. Yes, money is earned. But at one point did we find it ok that professional athletes make more money then people who are trying to literally teach or save lives?

I'm not on anyones side with this dispute. I want both sides realize how grateful they actually are to be in the position that they are. Very few have the privilege to live a dream that many Canadians had and quite frankly, some might play  for free.

It's really sad they can't figure this out.