Agree or Disagree: The Calgary Flames Players handling of their appearance at their annual golf tournament

On the eve of a looming NHL Lockout, both Alberta hockey teams had some PR problems this week.

In Calgary, this week  was the annual Calgary Flames Foundation golf tournament. It is a tournament that people can come and play with some Flames players and raise money for causes within the Calgary community.

Except that the Flames players announced Monday that they would not appear. The reason is since this was the last week before the lockout and there were union meeting this week updating the players on negotations.

Except not all of the players were planning to attend the meeting. This caused a huge uproar on Twitter and other Social Media sites. Then later this week,union rep Matt Stajan announced there was a misunderstanding and they were coming.

Some of the Flame players were quite upset that they came across as the "bad guys" in this situation. For some, the idea of some millionaires playing a kids game asking for more money is tough to stomach. But others might argue the players have a point. This is their livelihood and yes it is a kids game, but is an adult business. 

So if you were a player, what would you do? And what responsibility does an NHL player have in their community?