Agree or Disagree: There is a Devil or Satan.

 The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist"


The Usual Suspects.


We often have debated the existence of God. We have discussed His nature and His character. If we should call God a He . If we should use it in G? If we should say God's name?


However, what about the Devil? Or Lucufer? Or Satan? There is much talk in some "charismatic" churches about the devils power and what the devil is capable and incapable of doing? There are groups that worship Satan and Anton LaVay wrote a Satanic Bible in 1969. And Satan is mentioned in other faiths other than Christianity.

 However the word Satan in Hebrew means adversary. Some would argue that the Old Testament uses it as description not a literal figure that seems to work with Gods full permission to tempt, to doubt. Others have argue that Satan is a way to describe the true human nature which should be embraced as a Dark Force.