Not so much a review, more of a reflection.

This week for many it was the "Back to" Week. Back to School. Back to Work. 

After a couple of months of beaches, camping, hiking, travel, floating down a river or any other summer event, it is a mad rush to reorganize everything. Get the kids to school, get you to work, eat breakfast. Who's taking who where and to what? And what time?

This week, I felt like my mind was in sprint mode. It was one thing after another this week. And lots of it. That's what the first week of school is like. Everyone getting organized and wanting to make sure they have exactly what they need. As much as it is exciting to start something new, it is also stressful. And people generally want things done now....or yesterday.

Sometimes it's really easy to pick up that energy of needing something now... or yesterday and put it on others. The stress can lead to panic, which can lead to pressure, which can lead to overreaction and a decision you might regret.

Last night I was getting ready to go somewhere.I had to be there at a certain time and I wasn't quite ready. I was going to be late. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head:


It seems even in summer, there is this sense of rush. We rush to beat the traffic to get out of town. Or to the airport. Or to the beach. Then we rush plans to go on with our life. We must get married by a certain age and then have kids. Oh, we need a house by then too. How are we going to get there?  I at times rush to put up a witty status on a Social Media site. I

But  the thought was a reminder when I slow my mind down and just let things happen, it works out. Decisions are made calmly, people are happy and life just works. I end up happier and peaceful and the world around me seems to as well. I'm actually organized and have a structure. And a clear plan.

This week was a reminder that no matter how fast you want things to happen, life always happens exactly when it needs too.