Agree or Disagree: You are interested in the label " Christian Music."

For the first time since 1997, a Christian album has hit number one in the Billboard chart.

Toby Mac album "Eye on It" topped the charts this week. The last album to do this was LeAnn Rimes "You Light Up My Life".

Although where Toby Mac went is rare, it is not rare that there were successful Christian artists . His own former band, DC Talk was one. There is also Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Switchfoot, and Jars of Clay to name a few who have branched into "secular" music and have been successful.

Also, it may not have a great reputation of quality overall, but there has been some talent. Many considered Phil Keaggy the greatest guitar player of all time. Larry Norman was respected by many musicians in the 70's. Rich Mullins in my opinion was one of the great songwriters of all time. There's more I'm sure you know

It's interesting to note that in some Christian circles, there use to be big debate about a Christian artist going into the secular music. Amy Grant was harshly criticized for this when she branched out. I was told when I first became a Christian that I should actually get rid of my "secular" music because it was bad for the soul. Larry Norman was criticized for using an electric guitar.

There are also other bands that have been labeled Christian by some, but the bands won't confirm or deny. U2, Creed, Collective Soul are some of the names that have under that label. There are country singers like this as well.

So, does it actually matter to you what the faith of a band is? Or do you look at the quality of the music? Is this issue actually relevant?