Agree or Disagree: Barack Obama fulfilled expectations bestowed upon him in 2008

Do you remember 2008?

The Summer Olympics were in Beijing China. Geeky glasses were hot. Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" was the number 1 album. TV shows like Mad Men , The Shield and Battlestar Galactica were hot. The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire were among the best movies.

in 2008, the USA elected Barack Obama as their President. This was after 8 years of George W. Bush who was the least popular President in US History.  So the idea of a change was needed in many minds in the USA.

I actually did not have a blog at this time. I was using Facebook Notes as my blog.  I didn't start a blog until 2009 and then relaunched this year on a Wordpress site. But at the time, I wrote what you will see below, Tuesday November 4, 2008, I was struck by the praise Obama was getting. I have never seen this given for a human. Ever

. When this was posted, there was less people reading or had the ability to comment then I have the privilege of sharing with now. But the response was heated pro or vs Obama. Since Obama will be accepting the Democrat nomination tonight, I thought I would bring it out for discussion again. I know that this is risky, as some bloggers wouldn't do this. 

Looking back at this, it sure will be interesting what people will say going forward. Thank you for reading again.


The night was clear and the crowd was large. As far as the eye could see people lined up to hear what the man would say. Interestingly enough celebrities like Oprah and Rev Jesse Jackson got seats near the front. young people, old people were excited as the dawn of a New America has come.

Oprah said that this was the greatest day in American history.

A well dressed man with two smiling children and beautiful wife walked to the microphone amidst a large cheer that rang the heavens,There was hugging and dancing in the streets

The man spoke of how America has persevered. The man spoke about how he believes in America. And how the ideals of democracy, liberty, and freedom lived on today. The crowd chanted "Yes we can."

The man spoke how a 106 year old black women got to vote today. The crowd cheered.

The media lauded this historic event. The gushing smiles could not be ignored as the news was resounding like trumpets

The streets in Kenya and across the world rejoiced.

There was an article on Yahoo news saying that Canadians were rejoicing. Clearly not asking some of my Canadian friends.

Time for a change. Tired of the old ways. He knows how to engage people. He is the man of the people.

I have some questions.

May I ask some? Is that ok?

They are going to be uncomfortable.

So what if Mr. Obama was a Republican. A Pro-Life conservative Republican. Would we be applauding this "Progress"? Would we be having the first African American President? Would we have been ok with his lack of experience?

What about the McCain supporters? Those states that voted for Republican. Are they out of touch? Are they behind the times?

And while we are at it what about Sarah Palin? The first women ever to be a running mate? 

What if she was a pro-choice Democrat? Would we have heard of her inexperience? Or the fact that she didn't have passport? Why was she not accepted by some of the women groups? a women took a huge step.


By the way, do you find it interesting we never heard from Biden?

Now let me be clear. I'm not endorsing one or the other. They both have some things I could agree or disagree with. Mr.McCain seemed at times to be out of touch with things at times. Obama is a great communicator. .


For those who who support Obama (and for those who don't),think about this.

If I go to a new restaurant and I order food. I will do one of two things. One, i will look at the pictures will look good. Fresh meat, Fresh cut fries, Perfect pie or whatever. Or maybe I will ask for recommendations. The picture will look good, it has too, the waiter or waitress will tell me about some great things and good combinations. something to make me enjoy my food. 

No matter how good it looks, I still will need to taste it. Enjoy it for myself, figure out what it is. Decide wether or not the picture ands the recommendation was worth it.

Obama said some good things. Things that pleased you. You liked his message. It looked and sounded so good. He called for hope and change." Yes we can." "Yes We can." He spoke it well. You ordered the meal. But you will still have to taste the meal and see if it was worth it. You may think it's good now (or not) but wait and see.

I love Jesus perception on fruit. I love that it was either one or the other. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad fruit cannot produce good fruit. The last sentence in the paragraph....

You will know therm by their fruits.

Oh, one more thing.

There was a large gathering in the clear night at Phoenix Arizona. There was a
distinguished but defeated older gentleman who walked slowly with his wife. The man smiled but he was defeated. The toil of a hard fought battle had some effect.

As he spoke and mentioned the name Obama the crowd booed loudly. He raised and his hands and asked for silence. He is a good man. He was gracious and of strong character even in defeat.

Do you who know that man was?

John McCain