Agree or Disagree: Last night shooting escalated tensions between French and English speaking people in Canada.

Last night was an interesting night in politics. 

As some Canadians were watching the Democratic National Convention and may have been impressed with the speech of Michelle Obama, there was a curious eye to what was going on in the Quebec Provincial Election.

It was a minority government that was won by the Parti Quebecois, which was significant on two counts. One, Pauline Marois was the first female premier in Quebec history. Two, the PM Jean Charest lost his seat and has as of today has resigned as leader of the Liberal Party in Quebec.

One eye turned to two however around 12:00 Eastern Time. Marois was giving her acceptance speech when shots were fired. One was left dead, 2 injured. The shooting is under investigation, but this was quote reported in CBC news of the 62-year old man that was arrested.

The English are waking up, the English are waking up ... It's payback ... Yeah, yeah, that’s enough.

This morning there was some anger to the French people on Social Media this morning. Some were upset at the results.

Which leads to questions. First of all is there an actual divide between English and French in Canada as a whole? Or in certain sections? And what happened last night and this morining. Did it rise the tensions? 

Or is it nothing?