Agree or Disagree: Christians have shown more respect and reverence to the Bible than God

Have you ever read a good book?


Of course, you have. But what makes a good book?


 I like books that have  great story. Good characters. Ones that I can relate too or experienceOnes  that frustrate me.  Where the hero overcomes the odds. Or when the damsel in distrss is rescued. The villian makes me angry that I would like to be a hero. Some that overcome incredible odds.

 Or those where you  can sense and feel of the place.  Sometimes you can smell, feel, and or taste it. At the end of the day, if it is well written enough, you might want to meet the people or go to the place that the story is set in. So you are hearing about a person, but you are not meeting a person.

 I love reading the Bible. The Bible has all of those elements. It is one of the most read and sold books in history. There are organizatons that try to translate into specific languages and translsations to be rela. For many Christians, it is a direct link to God. It is how we know God. It is divinely-inspired and the way we should rule and live our life.


Yet for some this book has caused so huge hurt. And perhaps has caused an effect on how peopleperceive God.


Here are some examples.


Because of the Bible, some churches have not allowed woman to speak  or be a pastor in church.As a matter of fact, there are Bible College Professors that have intentionally failed female students. This is because Paul said “women must be silent.” (1 Cr 14:34) Yet there are many women who feel they have been called by God to be a pastor.

 Because of the Bible, there have been some people that have been removed from church or at the very least shunned, because there is a verse that teaches to expel the immoral brother. Yet  Jesus spoke of redemption for all of mankind.(1 Cr 5:11)

Because of the Bible, pastors have been warning that homosexuals are off to the lake of fire (Hell). Because there is a verse that says that the "wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God" ( 1 Cr 6:9). So some feel the need to remind the immoral that they need to repent or they will not be in heaven. Yet it seemed that God established Himself as judge.

You might note I'm taking some of these verses out of context. It's somewhat intentional. Here's a beautiful book full of storied that people have debated for years and some have reduced to a legal document to justify their actions. And have been deeply committed to it. And at the same time,stripped the humanity, feeling and quite frankly, God out of it.

The interesting thing is that the Bible is full of stories that have had an interaction, some positive and some negative with a living God

Does anyone else notice it?  Some people have used the Bible so devoutly that people have lost interest in meeting God?

It's really tough for me to relate too.